Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Here's the idea . . .

This is a dedicated blog to my debut novel ABIDE WITH ME.

I've moved the reviews and the blurb section from The Voices in my Head blog to here, and also hope to be adding news, photos, and other bits and pieces as they arise.

Basically, if you want to follow the final steps of the journey of ABIDE WITH ME to publication and beyond, this here blog's the one you want.

My other blog - THE VOICES IN MY HEAD - will continue to be used for my short stories and the promotion of the work of my fellow writers.

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe new year.

Warmest regards,


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  1. Kinda get the picture of what kinda success you're picturing to launch your strength o'wisdom the more oh Ian man.

    Then again . . . I kinda figure all good folks worth their worth should be suckers like me for "fiction aimed at the heart and the head". (They're such charming places to hit)


    You'll be one dear sir, you shall.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate
    Believing in Believers